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Why choose Us?

Who We AreBecause we are Reliable.

Our Group Companies had more than 35 years of experience in Industrial Machine & Tools Trading, Industrial V-Belts Manufacturing, Bearings Manufacturing, and Film & Media Works.

Why choose Us?

Group CompaniesTo Redefine your Brand.

Raja Rubber Mills Est. 1984
Rado Industries Est. 1999
Shreeco Corporation Est. 2010

Why choose Us?

How We WorkMake our Customers Happy.

Shreeco Corporation is a tight knit team of independent thinkers sharing a culture that questions and challenges. We work quickly to strategies, conceptualise and deliver well thought through solutions

Our Digital Media & Film Works

Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.

Our Team

We Feel Special for the jem team of our skilled craftsman
  • Customer Testimonails

    Bhavesh is the Founder of Shreeco Corporation. He says whats on his mind. Thats a great thing. If it comes with a pat on his back its an even better thing. A native of Vadodara, Bhavesh is the man of the soil, born and bred, and so are his roots, strong and fertile. And thats why he knows that its not about getting it done, its about getting it right, with focus, transparency, patience and with the right attitude. Bhavesh spends time away from the agency with family, farming and Basketball - in that order.

    Bhavesh Patel Founder
  • Customer Testimonails

    Rajesh is a strategic thinker who has been using storytelling in marketing since before storytelling was a buzz word. Throught his carrer, Rajesh has fostered a spirit of trust and collaboration, leading to market improvement of business results. Rajesh oversees strategy, research and ananlytics, but his favourite role is working with creatives to help them comeup with ground breaking ideas.

    RAJESH MAVANI Creative Head
  • Customer Testimonails

    Somen is the Creative Director of Six9Thirty9 Digital Media Works and Coppersmith Film Works. Director for the last 15 years, he has worked on some of the biggest commercials. Somen is the man of emotions, and so is his work, which reflects his true personality. Aditya Birla Group,Mahindra, Godrej, HUL, etc are few of the award winning brands he has Directed. When hes not calling the shots, we find him giving shots of fours and sixes on the cricket pitch.

    SOMEN KUMARCreative Director
  • Customer Testimonails

    With his expertise in editing and colour grading, Prashant brings with more than two decades of creative experience to the Shreeco team. He worked for large production companies including Prime focus and Shemaroo.During his career, Prashant has won ‘Dada Saheb Phalke’ award for a Short Film which he directed.

    PRASHANT LAKHANI Post Production Head
  • Kamal Hingorani
    Yogen Thakker

    With a Diploma in visual effects & animation, this Duo Directors brings over 18 yrs Creative experience to the Shreeco team. A terrific sense of understanding & synchronisation, Kamal and Yogen bring fresh ideas and imaginative design to our agency. Working for the good stuff gives them a sense of purpose in their design and inspires them to experiment in creating visuals that stands out from the rest.

       YOGEN THAKKER Creative Supervisor
  • Customer Testimonails

    Meghna shah scans the media landscape. she analyses it. she monitors it. she understands it. Meghna makes the connections. Between products ad people. Between channels and communities. Making every penny count. Making everyone take notice of what brands have to say. Because she knows where the consumer is watching. And listening. And interacting. When she is not working, Meghna can be found painting on her Canvas.

    MEGHNA SHAH Marketing Head
  • Customer Testimonails

    Balraj, a unique creative thinker and also an inspirational leader of our talented studio team. He regularly supports Ashu helping to deliver the big idea, the killer headline and the beautiful words that help bring our campaigns to life. A big devotee of Lord Shiva, Balraj believes and gives all his credit to the blue bodied lord.

    BALRAJ BOHRA Creative Content Writer
  • Customer Testimonails

    With a background in creative writing, satyam joined shreeco as a copy writer. Delivering on everything from B2B advertising, to more creative integrated campaigns, Ashu is enjoying learning about the world of advertising while helping us to produce catchy headlines and compelling copy across our client base. He makes sure that he reserves his weekend for a match of football.

    ASHU SINGH Creative Content Writer
  • Customer Testimonails

    With a talent for transforming complex briefs into inspiring, strategy led campaigns, Satyam works to align our mission and values with the needs of our clients, helping us grow together toward a future thats all about the good stuff. He is committed to overcoming business challenges through his strong belief in insights and the power of creativity.

    SATYAM GILOTRA Production Head